Our NEXT move is very crucial for Zimbabwe’s future… We’re ready to SERVE YOU…Chamisa

Zwnews Chief Correspondent

HARARE: Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance (MDC-Alliance) president Nelson Chamisa could be in high level negotiations with President Emmerson Mnangagwa on possible working together, as the nation faces serious economic challenges.

Since the disputed elections, things seem to be heading for a serious economic catastrophe, with prices of basic commodities sky-rocketing, amid looming shortages. This has been attributed to lack of confidence in the market, with calls for an all inclusive government getting louder by each passing day.

Meanwhile, while President Mnangagwa is on record saying he is ready to embrace Chamisa, nothing concrete from the two camps indicate if talks have already been underway or not.

Chamisa is on the other hand said to have put conditions on the table, if there could be talks on working together.


There has since been speculation among citizens to the effect of the talks going on.

Responding to the talks news, ZANU PF’s Obert Mpofu said there were no such talks underway, except if it was happening beyond his level.

However, Chamisa hinted on something through his twitter handle, that some people believe may point to what could be transpiring underground.

He said that the next move by his party is going to be critical for Zimbabwe.

“Tough decisions are about to be made,” he wrote.

“For him, the decision to join hands with ED could indeed be a tough one after there has been mixed reactions within his supporters.

“While others agree to the move as the best way forward, others believe he could be swallowed up by Mnangagwa,” said a social commentator Tichinei Ruwona.

He gave the example of the previous unity government in which the late MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai was given a ceremonial post of Prime Minister, with the then Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe bagging all the executive powers.

Following a crutial meeting with his party’s leadership Chamisa is believed  to have been given the green light to engage with Mnangagwa in order to map a way forward for Zimbabwe.

This comes after the disputed polls, and the events that followed.

The shooting of protesting civilians by soldiers seem to have derailed Mnangagwa’s engagement hopes. Ruwona says this has tainted ED’s human rights record since coming to the helm, as many view him as a Mugabe in a different suit.

“Be that as it may, Mnangagwa’s legitimacy seems to be now based on his engagement with the opposition, mainly Chamisa,” says Ruwona.

While information on the alleged talks if any, is still sketchy, the truth remains to be seen. Only time will tell.