Some Zanu PF supporters from Harare South constituency have threatened to depose the party’s first secretary and leader Emmerson Mnangagwa following his nephew’s victory in the just ended primary elections.

The party supporters believed to be sympathetic to the losing parliamentary aspirant Douglas Mahiya accused Mnangagwa of manipulating the elections in Harare South. Mahiya reportedly claimed that Tongai was imposed.

Mahiya who was one of Mnangagwa’s biggest and most vocal cheerleaders during the Zanu-PF factional fights claimed that Tongai had been previously rejected by Zanu-PF. He also accused Tongai of beating up innocent people.

The protesters took to the Zanu PF headquarters chanting against Mnangagwa’s nephew’s victory.

 In a video by NewsDay, a riled supporter taking MDC-T 2013’s campaign cue Bhora musango (Take the Ball to woods) promised to unseat Mnangagwa.

“…toisa bhora musango kana zvanetsa tinobvisa baba vacho,” said the protester.