Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance has been warned ‘to safeguard victory’ after the party announced victory before official confirmation from ZEC.

This comes after the other contender Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zanu PF appeared to say he won yesterday’s elections.

Said Mnangagwa

“Good morning Zimbabwe. I am delighted by the high turnout and citizen engagement so far. The information from our reps on the ground is extremely positive! Waiting patiently for official results as per the constitution.”

Mnangagwa’s message comes after Chamisa had earlier on claimed poll victory.

“Winning resoundingly…We now have results from the majority of the over 10 000 polling stations. We’ve done exceedingly well. Awaiting ZEC to perform their constitutional duty to officially announce the people’s election results and we are ready to form the next gvt.#Godisinit.”

George Charamba, Zimbabwe presidential spokesperson also suggested that Zanu PF was winning the polls.

Said Charamba:

“Been inundated with calls from up and down the country regarding how the day has gone down. All I can say is thank you Zimbabweans for refusing kuitiswa in the name of #GucciCheteChete because you knew that #Bobisinit. Well done Zimbabweans, chinhu chinevene vacho ichi!!

Many are already warning him(Chamisa) and his lieutenants not to sleep at the most critical hour.

Doctor Pedzisai Ruhanya had this to say:

“Zimbabweans who voted for change should be thoroughly alert including the MDC Alliance. My sense that is between now and the next few hours, a process to reverse the outcome through chicanery could be on way!”

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