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“ED has not taken annual leave, Unable to leave Zim, Army tried coup in early November 2019”

By Jonathan Moyo:1/24 Compatriots, much as I would like to, sadly I’m unable to wish you a happy & prosperous new year not because of anything personal but because happiness & prosperity are no longer possible in Zimbabwe due to the live coup against the will of the people!

2/24 There can’t be happiness & prosperity where the will of the people is stolen & brutally crushed. While this is bad enough, it’s worse when the assualt on the will of the people is cynically presented as a new dispensation & second republic amid dead silence from the people!

3/24 It is a biblical truth, supported by human experience, that where there’s no vision the people perish. The new year, 2020, presents a new opportunity for Zimbabweans to find each other, speak with one voice & act together to oppose what’s wrong in support of what’s right!

4/24 While there are many wrongs surrounding Zimbabweans today, a particularly insidious wrong that’s crying out for righting is the stolen 30 July 2018 presidential election, preceded by the 15 Nov 2017 military coup & followed by brutal massacres on 1 Aug 2018 & 14-28 Jan 2019!

5/24 I’ll return to the stolen 2018 election in a bit. When I signalled here a few days ago that I would be doing this thread today, some paranoid & desperate attention seekers said I had no right to vision for Zimbabwe or to speak for ZanuPF etc. I need to address this nonsense!

6/24 It’s notable that the paranoid & desperate attention seekers used my TL to bark their nonsense. Do they have a right to do that? Let freedom ring. I said I’ll thread about, not for, myself, ZanuPF, @ZECzim, the 2018 presidential election or Zimbabwe because enough is enough!

7/24 I wish to make it clear for the umpteenth time that I’m done with ZanuPF. My differences with ZanuPF are existential & permanently irreconcilable, come rain or shine. In 2005, ZanuPF deemed me to have expelled myself from itself by running as an Independent in Tsholotsho!

8/24 While it’s true that ZanuPF murderers used military violence to boot me out of what they declared to be their thing (“chunhu chedu”) in Nov 2017, John Mangudya knew I was exiting ZanuPF & politics in Dec 2017 when I asked for his help over a mining loan I sought in Aug 2017!

9/24 I was done with ZanuPF when I gave my blue ocean video to the politburo in July 2017. I knew then that a military coup was loading & that President Mugabe would not be able to stop it. But I did not know the coup would target me as enemy No.1, a fact in the coup minutes!

10/24 Since Nov 2017, I have sought to understand why, after using Zimpapers, Zacc & the NPA against me with unprecedented malice & after seizing State power, Mnangagwa & Chiwenga still made sure they sent special forces to attack my home with AK47s, explosives & stun grenades!1

11/24 I now have an explanation. But before I share it, let me highlight a huge challenge we have as Zimbabweans. Although we have not been credited for it, because we are not functionally literate as a society, we, not Trumpians in the US, are the inventors of alternative facts!

12/24 Most Zimbabweans don’t care for facts. To them & we see it daily in these streets, facts are what they manufacture in their heads, hearts, dreams, nightmares, fears, likes, dislikes & hallucinations. No wonder, public discourse in Zimbabwe is not fact based or fact driven!

13/24 Last week there was widespread chatter, fueled by quarters that ought to know better, that Mnangagwa was self-marooned, unable take his annual leave or to leave the country, “fearing a Chiwenga coup” when Chiwenga was back in China to resume his treatment & recuperation!

14/24 Mnangagwa has not taken his annual leave & has not been able to leave the country because of a foiled coup in early November. The attempted coup cost Aaron Nhepera his job as CIO Deputy Director General, amid allegations he reported it late & mishandled intelligence on it!

15/24 The aftermath of the attempted coup has left Mnangagwa holed up, fearing fear itself, and has engendered panic in his inner circle which has alarmed & embarrased Sadc by turning POLAD election losers into a foreign policy tool; on the eve of Ramaphosa becoming AU chairman!

16/24 So Zimbabwe is in a triple crisis: (i) Mnangagwa has no legitimacy & authority to unite & inspire the nation; (ii) worse, he has lost the confidence of the armed forces; & (iii) his government is incapable of reviving the economy, which is now in an irretrievable free fall!

17/24 As the post-2017 coup dispensation is crumbling under the weight of its the triple crisis, it is sad that the people are speaking in tongues & acting at cross purposes; with the result of widening political divisions, when they should be bridging them under a shared vision!

18/24 Looking back over the last 20 years, the people have squandered three opportunities for real change in 2000; then 2009 to 2013; and in 2017 when ZanuPF & the Army dug their own grave only for the people to fail to bury the two. Now there’s yet another opportunity: 2020!

19/24 On 30 July 2018, the people voted for @nelsonchamisa. He got 66% of the vote against Mnangagwa’s 33%. The unassailable evidence for this I present in Excelgate. Soldiers were sent to attack my home for many reasons, including that they knew I know how they steal elections!

20/24 I studied electoral politics in Zimbabwe: 1985-92 & published VOTING FOR DEMOCRACY. In 2000 I managed ZanuPF election campaign as a consultant; in 2002 as information minister & in 2013 as a campaign manager. In 2018 I used my contacts & experience to write EXCELGATE!

21/24 While VOTING FOR DEMOCRACY is about the voter, I had no access to the system; EXCELGATE is on the administration & conduct of elections, I had 20 years of access to the system. Now I can authoritatively say how elections have been rigged in Zimbabwe, including against me!

22/24 Here’s a sample of how the military used Fairhaven’s Africom & CIO’s Chiltern Trust to get @ZECzim to hijack & steal the results of the 2018 presidential election from all ward centres to manipulate in Harare; against peremptory provisions of s37C(4) of the Electoral Act!

23/24 On 31 July 2018, after the Army got @ZECzim to invent an illegal route & destination for the transmission, capture & collation of the presidential results, Priscilla Chigumba sent shocking WhatsApp msgs confirming rigging, using V11s & not the critical V23Bs. Ngati nyoo!

24/24 It’s 2020, 40 years later. Back to the future. Ian Smith’s internal settlement sellouts have resurrected as POLAD puppets. A new patriotic front beckons. The old must give way to the young & the will of the people stolen in 2018 must be restored otherwise No Happy New Year!


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