Good evening Zimbabwe. Introducing Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s government Cabinet as he has now confirmed his Dynasty aspirations daringly with an addition of 2 of his sons 2 of his small houses.

Zimbabwe less talk of blaming my Mkanya brother Chiwenga now. In 2017 you were fully behind Mkanya Chiwenga supporting the elevation of ED over RG Mugabe.

You expect Mkanya Chiwenga to wrestle ED now on his own whilst you save your lives!

If you want ED gone you do the job just like you did on RG Mugabe ,are you not the recipients of ED’s evil rule?

If you think any military tank would be rolled out onto the streets….that is a fallacy.

The citizens of Zimbabwe must find the strength to liberate themselves. You allowed ED to steal your votes and expect SADC,UN,AU and other outside forces to come to your rescue…..hamusi serious maZimbo muchati eke na ED nemhuri yake.

arakashi, muripi ED dynasty pfeee inga maipupira furo kuna Mugabe wamai nyepera kuti aida dynasty ,ED mati ziii ne fear to speak out, anambwa varakashi…Kerina Mujati