Renowned Zimbabwean lawyer and political commentator Brighton Mutebuka says the war between President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga will reset the country for new beginning.

“Once ED & Chiwenga have settled their deadly zero sum “Game of Thrones”, there will be a wonderful opportunity for the country to reset & chart a new course for itself.

“I believe that their deadly battle will draw liberation war era toxic succession politics to an epic end,” he says.

He says many Zimbabweans, including those in ZANU PF, have been underestimating the strengths to which ED is prepared to go to extend his stay in power.

“Well, you’re about to find out. Friends & foes alike are in the firing line. He’ll do it so brazenly that many will be left in disbelief.

“As I have previously stated on these streets from day 1, Tshabangu was ED’s Trojan Horse from day 1. The likes of Hopewell were either in on it or politically undiscerning.

“Tshabangu had to open 2 fronts: destroy CCC & increase the Parliamentary majority. Next front is ZANU PF!

“My assessment still remains the same – namely that the odds of ED successfully extending his term are slim.

“He has got too many obstacles in his path, some of them of an almost insurmountable nature. I expect raw & huge drama, esp in ZANU PF as we move closer to the expiry of his term!”