In a tragic incident that has shocked many, Kelvin Mhofu Ngoshi, a Zimbabwean man based in South Africa, took his own life on Facebook Live. On Saturday, March 23, Ngoshi streamed himself on the social media platform consuming a drink that was later discovered to be laced with poison. The act came after purported revelations that his girlfriend, identified as Kudzie, had been unfaithful to him.

In the video shared by Crime Watch Zimbabwe, Ngoshi, without uttering a word, is seen drinking from a Coca-Cola bottle, initially thought to contain a regular beverage. However, it was later revealed that the drink had been spiked with poison.

Reports indicate that Kudzie, Ngoshi’s girlfriend since 2016, allegedly sought revenge after their relationship ended by reporting Ngoshi’s involvement in illegal coal deals to South African law enforcement authorities. Despite a brief hiatus in their relationship, they reconciled in 2023.

Ngoshi’s tragic demise leaves behind a minor daughter and a sister battling cancer, for whom he was the sole provider. His untimely death serves as a harrowing reminder of the complexities and consequences of betrayal and the importance of mental health support.