There was free drama at President Mnangagwa’s place of work when a woman calling herself  “spirit medium” was on Wednesday arrested for storming Munhumutapa Building – Office of the President and Cabinet – demanding an audience with ED.

Asinuta Dendere was arraigned before Harare Magistrates Rumbidzai Mugwagwa charged with unlawful entry.

Dendere who claimed to be possessed by the spirit of Mbuya Nehanda said she will not stop until she delivers a “message from the spirits to Mnangagwa.”

“The spirits keep tormenting me they are not happy with how the government is running the country’s affairs,” she claimed.

“I am not a dog and the citizens of Zimbabweans are not dogs. Not body should treat us like dogs.”

Dendere stopped the reading of allegations, saying she is only violent because of government’s deficiencies.

The complainant is the state represented by Simbarashe Mangezi who is an employee at Munhumutapa Building.

Prosecutors alleged that on February 19 around 10am at Munhumutapa Building, Dendere stormed the entrance and started to behave mischievously saying she is a spirit medium and she wanted to enter into the building.

Mangezi apprehended the accused and reported the case which led to her arrest.

She was then taken to Harare Central Police station.

Harare magistrate Mugwagwa ordered that Dendere be examined by a psychiatrist.

She was remanded to March 4 and placed in the custody of her daughter-in-law.