A FATHER has offered to pay about $1666 (less than US$2) per each of his children, as maintenance per month.

One of the kids is mentally challenged and needs specialist care.

He said he was only prepared to pay $5000 a month after he was dragged to court by his wife yesterday.

Caleb Chikengezha’s wife, Tracy, had demanded US$240 per month for the three kids.

Tracy told the court that their third child was mentally-challenged and needed special care.

“He sells things in bulk earning US$180 or more, and collects rentals from our three tenants but doesn’t share the money with me.

“He cheats and locks food in his room. He doesn’t seem to care about his children anymore.”

Caleb denied the cheating allegations, saying, in fact, he had found messages from his wife’s lover in her phone.

She rushed to claim maintenance, he claimed, as part of her cover up.

“The third child is 18 years and she’s lying that he is mentally incapacitated.

“Rather he was kicked out of school because of bad behaviour.

“I sometimes sell maize in Mbare and collect rentals from tenants in Eastview making at least US$80 per month.

“That’s why l offered $5 000. That’s the only amount l can afford for now.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira ordered Caleb to pay US$50 for two kids.

She asked Tracy to provide reports from two doctors confirming that their oldest son was mentally challenged.

“She emphasised that her claim is in US dollars and the court has no power to override her so you have to pay her in US dollars,” said magistrate Mashavira.

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