FORMER model, Loveness Mahachi, faces arrest after she defaulted court where she is facing several road traffic violations.

She is the wife of former ZB Bank CEO, Ronald Mutandagayi.

Mahachi, who was supposed to appear in court on Tuesday, was again in default for the umpteenth time.

Among other cases, Mahachi is being accused of “driving without due care and attention.”

It resulted in her car colliding with Evengelister Sande’s vehicle, which was also driving in the same direction.

Sande stopped at an intersection and indicated right, and was hit from behind by Mahachi. In another offence, Mahachi is facing negligent driving charges, in which she allegedly drove on the wrong side of the road, and crashed into a parked vehicle at a bus stop.

Her conduct resulted in the injury of a pedestrian, who was standing behind the parked vehicle.

Mary Lilian Mutimbanyoka sustained injuries on her right leg and was rushed to hospital. Mahachi is no stranger to the courts.  Last month, she was in the dock for illegally disposing of marital property.

However, the case was not heard as the police were instructed to conduct further investigations.

She appeared intoxicated and laughed uncontrollably when she appeared in court.

She had to be assisted by police officers who brought her to court.

Last year, she also appeared in court accused of severely assaulting her husband, Mutandagayi, who is now blind.

Mutandagayi resigned from ZB Bank in 2021 after a video of him assaulting Mahachi went viral on the internet.

He issued a statement saying he was only retaliating. However, two months later, he left the bank.

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