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-Barbara Mutedzi

I suffered as a child and young adult. I don’t want you to suffer. It keeps you in a survival state of mind as opposed to thriving and flourishing. The survival mindset is energy draining.

And my dear my friend, stop celebrating resilience. Resilience and survival is all about operating in minus. Stop it.

Get yourself to equilibrium and let’s start building up to thriving and flourishing.

I don’t want you to suffer. I want to see you succeed and move forward faster than I have been able to do because of having to heal and grow through past sufferings. Celebrating resilience and survival, promotes the break down of your physical and mental capabilities.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that these traits are good in the long run. They are not. At some stage, your body starts breaking down and your mental toughness reduces.

I know all of this from my background in psychology, anthropology, metaphysics, neuroscience, conscious business ethics, yoga and mindful meditation.

All my teachings are based on scientific evidence from these and other disciplines.

The message for today is stop celebrating resilience. You are celebrating operating in minus. That is not okay. Where your focus and attention goes, energy goes and vice versa.

You reap what you sow even in your words, thoughts and actions. Rather reap and celebrate thriving and flourishing. Here is how:

Start listing all the things you are grateful for everyday.

List the things that bring you joy every day and go and do them more often.

Where in your life are you doing well?

Celebrate that.

Where do you need support?

Go get support, an accountability partner, coach or other help.

What have you done to look after your health and are reaping the benefits?

Go celebrate that.

Energy goes where attention goes and vice versa.

Thrive and flourish my dear. You are what you think. You become what you think.

You want to live a life of and on purpose? Take part in programs curated to help you along the way.

The Conscious Self Leadership Course or one on one program is the one for you in this case.

Sending you love

With gratitude and loving kindness

*Barbara Mutedzi is a life coach