Veteran investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has warned Gokwe Nembudziya Member of Parliament Justice Mayor Wadyajena not to pick up a fight with him.

Chin’ono says Wadyajena should not brag of having done much in terms of building roads, which are marred by corruption.

“Is this an invite for me to investigate your shenanigans involving that road Justice?

“Rinodoka mafiles akuverengwa patwitter.

“You are lucky that the opposition does not follow through corruption issues to their finality like what @EFFSouthAfrica
does in Mzansi,” said Chin’ono.

Wadyajena had challenged Chin’ono to appreciate what he did in his constituency, instead of labelling the legislator a thief.

“Elections aside, took time out today to inspect Sanyati road stretch that I constructed. @daddyhope can hate all he likes, calling me a thief, but that won’t deter me from working and representing Gokwe. Work continues… why wouldn’t it be…clearly I deliver to world-class standard,” said Wadyajena.

Earlier on Wadyajena has said:

“Heyi @daddyhope, I come from Nembudziya where the people love their son & know who they want, regardless.

“The videos of folks kneeling & welcoming me is genuine love that you can’t coerce. It’s amazing how CCC is celebrating our primaries without the slightest idea about the implications or what goes on.

“After all’s said & done, The Party is SUPREME & guides every cadre. Nembudziya is a 1 Party Constituency, ZANU-PF! Now on the way home!
The following media includes.”

However, Chin’ono says Wadyajena should mind his own business, before he is exposed.