Voting is still going on and many people are standing in queues mainly in Harare, Bulawayo and other cities.

The opposition MDC-Alliance has done a press conference asking voters not to go home.

They believe the long queues are a deliberate ploy by ZEC  to frustrate young voters in urban areas so they go home without exercising their constitutional right.

Nelson Chamisa said this is a deliberate move against the urban vote where MDC is stronger than Zanu PF:

“Victory is ours!Long winding queues in most parts of Harare.There seems to be a deliberate attempt to suppress and frustrate the Urban vote. Good turn out but the people’s will being negated & undetermined due to these deliberate & unnecessary delays.We are in because #Godisinit,” said Chamisa.

Prof Jonathan Moyo has also issued advice to people who are waiting to vote:

“Bantu bakithi don’t be discouraged by #ZEC‘s primitive attempts to suppress your vote by slowing down the voting process. Stay in the queue until you have cast your vote. #ZEC has an obligation to make sure that all who are in the queue by 7pm vote. Voting does not end at 7pm!”, said Moyo.