Dominican Convent High School has expelled eight girls today over alleged drug abuse.

A notice sent to parents and guardians said the incident which led to the expulsion took place at the ”2023 U6 leadership camp” which was held in Nyanga from January 12-15.

The school headmistress, Sister Kudzai Mutsure said the disciplinary committee exercised all principles of procedural fairness and found the girls guilty of violating the school drug policy.

“My heart aches for these girls and their parents but my duty of care is to ensure that the school environment is, as far as is practicable, safe and free from all risks, have a responsibility to the whole school community and possessing, using or supplying a restricted substance including vaping is not acceptable,” she said.

“I pray that the girls will receive the rehabilitation they need and that all parents take an active role, in partnership with the school, to modify the inappropriate behaviour of their children. I believe that school officials’ efforts to protect students from the dangers of substance abuse are sometimes hampered by parents and community members in denial about the pervasiveness of the problem and the potential for any child to succumb to the lures of drugs.”

She also said that further investigations were still ongoing and they would not hesitate to weed out any more culprits to sanitise the school space

“I appeal to parents to be more vigilant and active by refining their parenting skills and being aware of their children’s activities as our investigations show that the pervasive behaviour started at home.”