A divorced couple of New Kabanana in Choma district, Zambia has abandoned their 9 year old child, leaving her in the care of a neighbour since August 2019.

The whereabouts of Charles Mubiana, a minibus driver and his ex-wife are unknown after the couple separated before neglecting their child in a perfect example of the saying loosely coined “grass suffers when elephants fight.”

Byta FM’s MacDonald Mayaba reports that the child has since missed almost two years of school and has not seen her parents since then.

Kulundana Ward Community Child Protection Committee Chairperson, Charles Kaumba has reported that matter to the social welfare department for further intervention.

He explains that the woman taking care of the girl is a widow, who lost her husband in the Maamba-Batoka road accident that claimed more than six fish traders in March last year.

A Byta FM News crew that visited her New Kabanana home found she had gone to the farm, but her niece, Precious Siamuntu disclosed how her aunt has been taking care of the girl.

She has not been to school since classes resumed post Covid-19 school break.

“I want to go to school…” said the girl (cooking) while stating that she could not remember when last her father called. -Byta FM