Zimbabwe Shut Down  protests have received a huge boost ahead of tomorrow’s Shut Down Zim Stay Away Strike.

Delta Beverages, a large business entity that employs thousands and contributes millions of dollars in tax revenue to the Zimbabwe government has announced through a MEMO that it will close all business operations starting tomorrow Wednesday 13 July up to 14 on Thursday.

This is in response to a planned mass stay away scheduled for tomorrow in Zimbabwe.

Below is a Stay away  letter circulating online signed by Marshal Pemhiwa HR director at Delta Zimbabwe.

delta stay away letter latest

Delta announces Shut Down Zimbabwe ..solidarity Letter

zimbabwe shutdown protest this week credit www.zwnews.com

Here is some details about what has been going on, arrests and important news in regard to the Zimbabwe stay away strike. 

A source in Zimbabwe police told zwnews.com that the government is in a panic mode and there is concern that these strikes and protests will be difficult to contain as more and more protests are planned in July and months to come.

“What makes it worse is that this time we are not dealing with familiar opposition from MDC and other known organisations but thousands of ordinary Zimbabweans operating from their houses, one day they will all come out of their closets and we may see the unthinkable happening very soon before our eyes here in Zimbabwe”.

Pressed further by our Harare Correspondent to elaborate the unthinkable,  he responded;

“Whatever people are demanding, we all know it, don’t ask me that,” said a Harare policeman on condition of anonymity.

Last week first lady Grace Mugabe warned Zanu PF supporters in  Harare telling them past governments of Libya and Egypt were toppled by rioting citizens.

Meanwhile, there are rumours suggesting more powerful figures will be fired from ruling Zanu PF as they are suspected of organising protests in order to gain mileage against a rival faction in the race to succeed President Mugabe.. www.zwnews.com