Latest News Update on Zimbabwe ShutDown  Stay Away Planned for Tomorrow, Wednesday 13, Thursday 14th July, 2016

Shut Down Zim planners say Strike-Protest will go ahead in Zimbanbwe as planned 

This Flag Pastor Evan Mawarire and other civil societies in Zimbabwe have planned a shut down Zimbabwe strike tomorrow Wednesday 13 of July 2016.

The protest is supposed to role on to Thursday 14 July 2016.

Meanwhile, pastor Evan Mawarire of #This Flag  has been summoned by Harare CID police for interview ahead of the second Stay Away  protest, he was not arrested but voluntarily handed himself to police as seen on photos.

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zim stay away protest on wednesday and thursday tomorrow

There is a Stay Away tomorrow in Zimbabwe; Evan Mawarire

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Another Zimbabwe shut down on wednesday..Mawarire

Yesterday night, Mawarire told reporters that the 13 and 14th July Zimbabwe Stay Aways will go ahead as planned even if he is going to be detained or ordered to