Delta Beverages says it is selling more beer and soft drinks than at any other time in its history.

This has been attributed to its investment into new plants is paying off, improving supply, according to Chief Executive Officer Matlhogonolo Valela.

Apparently, below are the highlights from Delta’s half year results: Consumer demand strong, but utilities are a letdown.

The revenue for the period under review are estimated at
US$376 million.

And Delta has more than doubled the lager business since 2021.

According to statistics, in the 6 months, lager volumes rose by 13%, sorghum beer by 4%, and soft drinks by 17%

Over the period under the microscope, Delta commissioned three projects; lager glass packaging line in Southerton, a PET line at Graniteside, and the Chibuku Super plant in Harare.

A total of US$70 million spent on capital projects over the half-year.

In the outlook, the Zimbabwe economy will remain complex, “with no easy solutions to the numerous economic challenges” such as the currency and inflation.

Delta Corporation is a broad-based company with interests in beverages (manufacturing and distribution) and the Agro Industrial sectors.

It is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and is one of the top quoted companies in terms of market capitalisation.

The company traces its roots to 1898 when the foundation stone was laid by the Salisbury Lager Beer Brewery and Ice Factory.

It was first listed on the Stock Exchange in 1946 as Rhodesian Breweries Limited. It later changed its name to Delta Corporation in 1978.