Following the internet leak of her explicit video, Cyan Boujee, a well-known figure on social media, has reportedly pointed fingers at Prince Kaybee, an award-winning dance music sensation, for being responsible for the widespread dissemination of the controversial content.

An unverified screenshot, circulating on Twitter during Tuesday afternoon, apparently captures a post from Cyan Boujee’s Instagram Stories, indicating Prince Kaybee as the source of the leak.

The screenshot displays a green icon in the upper left corner, suggesting that if authentic, the post was shared within Cyan’s “Close Friends” list, implying that the leak likely originated from someone in her inner circle.

In a post shared by @_jabujm, along with two screenshots from Cyan Boujee’s Instagram Stories, the 20-year-old YouTuber alleges that Prince Kaybee released a sextape featuring them together, depicting explicit content.

The first screenshot quotes Cyan Boujee saying, “Damn, never did I think a video of me in that state would be exposed.”

Shortly after, another post follows: “I’m alright, everyone. But I’m taken aback. May blessings come to Prince Kaybee. It’s certainly him. My only concern is that my relationships are likely to crumble today.”

The alleged screenshot has sparked a flurry of responses from Twitter users, propelling both “Cyan” and “Prince Kaybee” to the top of local trending topics.

One Twitter user, @tamia21314, expressed their astonishment: “It’s mind-boggling that Prince Kaybee has experienced revenge porn himself, only to engage in the very same behavior towards Cyan.”