The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition has launched a documentary, titled ‘Terror Under the Cloak of Covid-19.’

The documentary seeks to expose and highlight human rights abuses in Zimbabwe during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Meanwhile, the national lockdown which was put in place by government as a measure to curb the spread of coronavirus has seen a surge in human rights abuses.

The state security agents deployed to enforce the measures have in some instances been accused of serious human rights abuses, that range from beating people for contravening the measures, to demanding bribes.

Apparently, journalists have not been spared in the attacks, during the period in question, abuses against the members of the press were also reported.

Some journalists were assaulted, arrested and harassed for allegedly filming human rights abuses while being conducted or for traveling during their course of duty.

Under the lockdown regulations, movement of people was restricted, but, journalists were put in the bracket that allows them move around and continue with their jobs, however some security forces still went ahead attacking and harassing them.

Meanwhile, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition which came into being in 2001 is a conglomeration of more than 80 civil society organizations in Zimbabwe working together to bring about democratic change in the country.

Its membership draws from churches, women’s groups social movements, residents associations, labour unions, human rights lawyers, teachers groups and health professionals.