According to the NewsHawks, the prescription information inserts on Sinopharm vaccine from China that Zimbabwe received yesterday shows the vaccine will not be useful to people who are most vulnerable to Covid-19.

People with different underlying conditions can’t take the vaccine – it’s prohibited.

The irony is that the vaccine is needed the most by people with underlying conditions as they are the most vulnerable to Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the NewsHawks reports that it checked the prescription inserts and found that people with various conditions that compromise their health can’t take the vaccine.

There has been mixed reactions among Zimbabweans over the Sinopharm vaccine, which was delivered to Harare from Beijing yesterday morning. People are skeptical of the vaccine even though it is badly needed to combat the rampant Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says people with HIV or who have weakened immune systems may receive the vaccine, but they should be aware that safety data is limited.

Some experts say those with long-term health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or lung disease should get the right vaccines, and take note of the guidelines.

They say some health conditions can make it harder for one to fight off vaccine-preventable diseases like pneumococcal disease or the flu and can also make it more likely that they will have serious complications from those diseases.

-Zwnews/ The NewsHawks