A Mutare woman, Rosemary Nyaungwe, who abandoned her three children and their father, Samuel Dzvikiti, six years ago, has been ordered by the courts to contribute to the daily needs of her children while Dzvikiti caters for their school fees and other related expenses. Nyaungwe recently resurfaced and filed for a maintenance claim of US$288 against her husband.

The estranged couple appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, where he ruled that Nyaungwe should provide for the children’s food, rentals, and clothing, while Dzvikiti takes care of their school fees and other school-related expenses.

Dzvikiti stated in court that Nyaungwe abandoned the children for six years, and upon her return, she discovered that he was in the process of applying for maintenance from her. Nyaungwe then rushed to court to file a counter maintenance application against Dzvikiti.

Testifying in court, Nyaungwe claimed that she left Dzvikiti with the children because she was tired of single-handedly providing for the family. She mentioned that as a vendor, she only earns between US$80 and US$85 per month, and she had been providing the children with food, clothing, and school fees.

However, Dzvikiti argued that he has been taking care of the children alone during Nyaungwe’s absence. He mentioned that she returned home two weeks ago and took two of the children with her, leaving him with one child who later ran away from him to join his siblings and mother after being accused of stealing from their neighbor. Dzvikiti also stated that Nyaungwe is in the habit of dumping their children at her workplace.

Dzvikiti offered to pay the school fees for all three children and take care of other school-related expenses, which Nyaungwe agreed to.

The court’s ruling requires Nyaungwe to contribute to the daily needs of the children, while Dzvikiti is responsible for their school fees and other related expenses.