The Central Vehicle Registration (CVR) officials are reportedly demanding bribes as the shortage of registration plates becomes acute.

Zim Morning Post reports that the shortage started in October last year as a result of the government’s failure to secure enough foreign currency to purchase the special plate-making metal from Germany.

The publication also reports that the issue was worsened by late delivery of a batch of already paid blank plates.

Resultantly, the government in February this year introduced a new policy which states that all vehicles changing ownership should retain current plates. They only have to change the new registration book to match with details of the new owner.

Zim Morning Post reports that CVR is also issuing temporary number plates and only the elite and those politically connected have access to the metal registration plate. A source to the publication  said:

The shortage of number plates has resulted in CVR officials demanding kickbacks to fast track issuance of the plates.

This is a serious issue which needs to be addressed as soon as possible and government should investigate.

Some people come with letters from ministers or well-known politicians and have access to the number plates which is disheartening.

A customer who has been trying to get a registration plate since February said:

CVR is a public institution which is supposed to benefit everyone but the situation there has made our lives miserable.

Some motorists have suggested that the government adopts plastic registration plates and avoid importing the plate-making metal from Germany.

-Zim Morning Post