As world leaders are meeting in Scotland, UK for the COP26 climate change meeting, a green media bootcamp has been held in Harare to educate journalists on reporting climate matters.

The workshop seeks to equip journalists from across the country about issues of climate change, drivers and impacts especially in Africa and Zimbabwe.

Presenting during the workshop, Anna Brazier an Ecologist and Climate expert noted that some of the effects of climate change include reduced water for domestic and agriculture and industry degradation of natural resources.

“Climate Change is the biggest threat to humanity today… but it could also be our best hope for the future,” she said.

Meanwhile, during the workshop it was also noted that developed countries are most responsible for climate change, but it is developing countries which will be most affected.

Apparently, world leaders, including President Emmerson Mnangagwa are currently meeting for the COP26 summit in UK to discuss climate change issues.