DRC: Over the weekend the internet was abuzz when footage of electrically charged stones reportedly discovered in the mineral-rich Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) circulated.

Videos of the electrically charged stones sparking when they touch each other and even being used to light a bulb have piqued the interest of researchers from all over the world.

A kilogram of these electrically charged stones is reported to be able to light a two-bedroom house for at least two months. A gram of the stones which have been equated to the fictitious state of Wakanda’s vibranium, is thought to light a bulb for more than 72 hours.

According to a social media post, these stones are the ones used for electric cars and smart phones:

What you call electrically charged stone is actually COLTAN which exist in the De Republic of Congo in large quantity. COLTAN and in used in all smartphones, electric cars and basically all electronics for its electronical properties NOTE: IT IS NOT JUST DISCOVERED!!!

DRC is the richest country in the whole world. They have all sorts of minerals such as Gold, Diamond, Copper, Uranium, Oil, Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, Water, Timber, Coffee, Cobalt, etc

Financing Congo Conflict

A highly controversial U.N. Security Council report recently outlined the alleged exploitation of natural resources, including coltan, from Congo by other countries involved in the current war. There are reports that forces from neighboring Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi are involved in smuggling coltan from Congo, using the revenues generated from the high price of coltan to sustain their efforts in the war. By one estimate, the Rwandan army made at least $250 million over a period of 18 months through the sale of coltan, even though no coltan is mined in Rwanda. All countries involved in the war deny exploiting Congo’s natural resources.

D.R Congo is the world’s largest source of cobalt, the price of which more than doubled in 2017. The Democratic Republic of Congo is Africa’s top copper producer.