Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says July Moyo has been toying around councils pushing corrupt deals, but avoiding Parliament grilling.

“Moyo has been loitering around Councils, forcing shady deals on the councilors & using Cabinet muscle to pass through corrupt deals.

“He doesn’t attend Parliament where he is required to answer questions but is always hounding councils with a baggage of corrupt deals,” he says.

Mliswa blasts government for looking the other side while Moyo is messing up things.

“Why isn’t Gvt releasing an exhaustive statement about this issue? This, so that we know whether its July Moyo’s baby or it’s a whole cartel in Gvt. By being quiet we now suspect it’s a cartel. Everyone else becomes guilty by association!

“July Moyo has been on a rampage with myriad acts of corruption & Gvt has not said anything.

“Instead, in the instances they have said anything it has been to defend some really shocking agreements. Who can support the shocking terms and conditions of the Pomona deal?”

He says it is disturbing to note that democracy has been corrupted to an extent where by simply carrying out one’s duty, they can be termed an enemy of the state and Gvt.

“This bastardisation extends to the creation of false standards for patriotism and heroes,” he says.