Mayor of Harare Jacob Mafume says the City is finalising plans to take back its properties which have not been contributing to the city’s revenue streams including Mabvazuva (Coronation Park) and Rufaro Marketing.

Meanwhile, Mafume says Daniel Mutiwadirwa is no-longer the CEO of Rufaro Marketing and no longer in control any other Council property.

Rufaro Marketing is wholly owned by Council which used to run the local authority’s beerhalls, but had been leased, Mafume says tenants at such properties should visit the city’s Business Development Unit.

Apparently, council has resolved to identify spaces for home industries in all wards to protect SMEs from land barons.

For Glenview Area 8 which has been engulfed by incessant fires, Mafume says plans underway to temporarily relocate occupants to Glen View 1 while proper structures are being built.

Council has also resolved to hold a Special Council meeting next week to address service delivery issues. Pertinent among the issues is waste management.

The City is currently operating with 16 refuse compactors which are not enough considering the number of wards which are 46.