City of Harare can no longer dump waste at its own Pomona dump site as it has to pay USD$40 per lorry to a foreign firm Geogenix BV so that the Albanian entity can use the refuse to create power.

The firm is fronted controversial by Delish Nguwaya, an alleged ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

According to reports, the deal was engineered by Local Government Minister July Moyo.

Meanwhile, Harare City Council, which has already been struggling to collect refuse from locations, will have to pay fines to the foreign firm if it fails to bring the garbage to Pomona.

As reported, assuming all the Harare Council trucks are working and want to offload garbage at Pomona, Council has to pay USD$18 400 per entry.

Cabinet recently approved the joint venture agreement which will see the delivery of the waste-to-energy project which is expected to generate up to 22MW of electricity.

Under the deal, the investor would design, build, operate and transfer the Pomona waste management facility to an energy plant.

Commenting on the project few weeks ago, Moyo, said the investor was expected in the country in two weeks for the finalisation of the agreement.

“What is left is for them [Geogenix BV] to sign an agreement to start. They will sign the agreement with the City of Harare and we are expecting them in the next two weeks, but all the indications show that they are ready to start,” he said.