The Harare City Council is issuing summons to some residents for non-payment of utility bills as part of efforts to recover about US$70 million it is owed by ratepayers.

The development has, however, been met with a huge expectation for improved service delivery in the capital city.

In a public notice issued a few weeks ago, the local authority confirmed that it is owed in excess of ZiG940 million by residents, businesses, parastatals and government departments among others.

This is money that is needed to run the City operations and service delivery operations.

“We have since started issuing final demands,” said the local authority adding that the names of debtors will be posted on its social media platforms and at all district offices in Harare.

“To avoid the inconveniences of being taken to court with the possibility of losing property like houses, debtors are urged to immediately settle with the City,” added the city.