Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala has called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to feel for other human beings after ‘state agents’ tortured a named young man.

Sikhala says it is sad that someone could be tortured for no apparent reason, for just attending a court hearing in solidarity.

“This young man Legwani Mavhunga has been badly tortured by the State security agencies yesterday after he was caught at Rotten Row Magistrates Court on the grounds of attending my court.

“I am told he has been burnt by unknown substance on his face and tortured allover his body,” he says.

Sikhala called on President Mnangagwa to understand that nations are not governed by brutal tactics.

“Mr Mnangagwa, this young man Legwani needs urgent medical attention. He is currently under the custody of your security services at Harare Law & Order. Nations can’t be governed under such tactics as torture,” says Sikhala.

He says he was shocked by reports that people were randomly beaten outside Rotten Row Magistrates Court yesterday without cause because his Court session was in motion.

“This barbarism needs to stop. Why are people being assaulted without cause?” he questioned.