Bulawayo 24 reports that MDC leader Nelson Chamisa was assisted by members of the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation to win all the thirteen provincial congresses uncontested.

A shadowy Facebook character who uses the name of ex-Grace Mugabe’s husband Stanley Goreraza said:

 “Former and active CIO operatives supplied the brain waves behind the current MDC Congress that secured Chamisa an unchallenged nomination victory. They have continued on with their craft and are well on their way back to power using the MDC as transportation.”

Goreraza further claimed that Chamisa was given  US$2 million by former G40 members in 2018.

“Would Jonathan Moyo deny that G40 met with Chamisa last year in Dubai and transferred US$2 million to him? This they followed up with another secret meeting, in Namibia where Partick Zhuwao, Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonso representing G40, offered further funding in return for positions in the MDC chiefly the MDC Vice Presidency? Would Jonathan further deny that without the knowledge of Zhuwao and Kasukuwere, he took the MDC delegation to the side and warned them against agreeing to a deal giving G40 the Vice President position as the person earmarked to occupy it was most ill qualified?

“The quickest and most effective way back to power was and remains jumping on the back of an already existing and established Titanic political party with a nationwide presence and roots. The MDC was identified as the only political party that fits this profile outside of Zanupf making it the only potential host for a G40 comeback. G40 has vast resources which the MDC does not. To buy their way into the MDC was easy and obvious.”

He added that ex-G40 members wanted to use MDC as their vehicle to bounce back to power.