Five miners have been confirmed dead, while eight are feared to have also perished when a mineshaft collapsed in Matopo on Monday.

The five were crushed to death by boulders while digging for gold at deep stream 7 mine, which part on nugget mine.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the deaths.

“ I can confirm that there has been a mine accident at Nugget Mine in Matopo, which is a disused mine where five artisanal miners were killed after a shaft they were mining in collapsed. Their bodies were conveyed to UBH. Four escaped with injuries. As I speak, the Matabeleland Civil Protection Unit is at the scene,” said Nyathi.

Nyathi said their bodies were retrieved and conveyed to Gwanda District Hospital.

“The incident happaned at Deep Stream 7 Mine in Colleen Bawn on May 4, when two gold panners were digging for gold and the soil above them carved in, and they were crushed to death,” he said