CID Serious Fraud is looking for information that may lead to the arrest of former magistrate Shane Kubonera for alleged fraud.

H-Metro is reliably informed that Kubonera and his accomplice, Allen Nhamo Bhaswi, have been evading arrest in a US$12 000 fraud case.

The two were allegedly pretending to be selling cars on behalf of the Judicial Service Commission.

The complainant, Lastone Madyembwa, who is based in South Africa, was approached by Bhaswi, who is a childhood friend in May last year looking for financial assistance to boost his business.

Madyembwa assisted Bhaswi with US$1 000 which he promised to pay back after two weeks.

In the same month, Kubonera, who had been introduced to Madyembwa as a magistrate at the Harare Magistrates’ Court, called Madyembwa seeking financial assistance.

Kubonera allegedly told Madyembwa that Bhaswi had been arrested in Mozambique for gold smuggling.

Kubonera allegedly claimed he needed US$2 500 to get him out of prison.

Madyembwa is said to have given Kubonera US$1 000.

In June, Bhaswi then informed Madyembwa that Kubonera was selling his JSC vehicle, an Excel Ford Ranger for US$7 500.

Since the two owed him US$2 000, Madyembwa agreed to buy the vehicle and sent them US$5 500 in batches.

After paying in full, the two told Madyembwa that they were processing papers for the vehicle. 

Around the same time, the two told Madyembwa that another magistrate was selling a Toyota GD6 for US$6 500 and he paid US$4 500.

Kubonera and Bhaswi allegedly became evasive prompting Madyembwa to file a police report last month.