The Government of Zimbabwe has said religious denominations renting school premises will have to find alternative settings for their church services as they are still barred from conducting gatherings at the educational institutions.

This, Primary and Secondary Education minister Cain Mathema said, is done to protect the ZIMSEC 2020 June candidates in light of the Covid19 pandemic.

“It has come to the Ministry`s attention that there are some organisations including churches that would like to use school premises and structures during this Covid-19 period and as we prepare for the reopening of schools on July 28 2020,” said Minister Mathema in a statement on Wednesday.

“I would like to state that school is opening only for 2020 examination classes and the other levels will resume school when the health situation permits,” Minister Mathema said.

The latest developments come in the wake of reports that some churches were already approaching authorities at various schools across the country, seeking permission to resume holding of church services at institutions of learning after the Government reopened the schools for writing classes.

“In light of this, I would like to confirm that the Government`s focus is on ensuring safe and secure reopening that meets World Health Organisation guidelines. Given the need to disinfect schools and make other preparations, schools will not be open for use by other organisations until further notice,” added Minister Mathema.

Recently, the Government lifted the total ban on the holding of church services and allowed religious denominations to resume services on condition that they only accommodate 50 congregants while observing set Covid19 regulations.

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Additional Reporting: Zwnews