A Malawian born Harare based traditional healer, Kamwelo Banda has caused a stir at his Cranborne shrine where surprisingly hundreds are flocking daily.

During an interview the n’anga told reporters that he is helping so many church leaders of different denominations who usually book appointments to be schooled in the traditional practice of using herbs to reign in errant husbands and wives.

The art of black magic and voodoo practices usually makes unbelievers of traditional medicinal practices cringe, but the promise of good fortune is luring many church goers.

As early as 0900hrs when reporters visited Sekuru Kamwelo band shrine in Wilmington Park in Cranborne, scores of people, most of who however denied being captured on camera, were queuing up booking for an appointment.

The shrine is replete with traditional medicine and hideous looking ornaments mainly red, black and white in colour.

Sekuru Kamwelo through his assistant, Sambiri said he hails from Mangoli Katuli village in Malawi and confesses to have been refined in the traditional spiritual craft at Ghana’s Gemesa University for 4 years.

He claimed that the profession of traditional medicine has been passed on in their family from generation to generation, hence his capability to converse with marine and ancestral spirits to solve people’s problems.

While the claims are difficult to verify scientifically, the bizarre rituals have a following moreso with the traditional healer claiming that among his areas of specialisation is making thieves to return property to its rightful owners and reining in cheaters in relationships.