I woke up to a screaming headline carried by the Herald Newspaper which read “MDC-T car burning inside job.” The headline didn’t come as a surprise because the newspaper is a confirmed ZANU PF mouthpiece, therefore most if not all their stories are premised on telling lies regarding our political terrain. However, what was more and specifically appalling in the story are Ignatius Chombo’s claims that we the MDC-T are responsible for burning our own vehicle.

The utterances have left me with no further concern to question his sanity but it has just confirmed beyond any doubt that he is extremely insane and his condition does not need any psychiatric expertise but rather spiritual exorcism. We all know that the ZANU-PF thugs felt the heat of our coordinated efforts and mobilisation ability evidenced by our successful demonstration on Wednesday. For ZANU-PF, as a crumpling party, that was reason for them to panic and resorted to arson attacks on our property in an attempt to subdue and kill our determination.

History has it that it is only ZANU-PF which has a record of violence, abduction, murder, arsons among other evil acts hence having our vehicle burned following our successful demonstration speaks volumes on the fact that ZANU-PF thugs are responsible. It is with no doubt that the overzealous Chombo has chosen to open his mouth to desperately defend his party as usual and interfere with the course of justice which will certainly see the arrest of their party thugs.

Chombo should just back off and allow the course of justice to prevail, we are looking forward to seeing the police identifying and arresting the culprits whom we all know that they are ZANU-PF members. Our expectation is that, Chombo by being the Minister of Home Affairs, he is supposed to be taking a lead in preaching the word of justice and encouraging his police force to make thorough investigations. However, expecting this from Chombo has just been proved to be too much of an expectation from him because he doesn’t know what he is supposed to be doing, his thinking ability is only limited in desperately defending the thuggery of his party members. It is such foolishness on his party that gives us more energy to fight for a democratic Zimbabwe and usher a new leadership of people with working brains.

We will carry on with our actions demanding free and fair elections and come 2018, we will march to victory. I would like to remind Chombo that he is the Minsiter of Home Affairs not a Minister of Propaganda therefore he should abstain from tirelessly meddling with the course of justice but rather focus on ensuring that the police should professionally deliver on their responsibilities. If this is a difficult thing for him to do he should resign or we will make him resign because I do not think our cabinet has room for mentally challenged impostors like him.

Happymore Chidziva
MDC-T Youth Leader