The impending return of Zimbabwe Vice President Chiwenga from his medical pilgrimage in China is a non-event and will do little to shake the Harare administration a political analyst has said.

Speaking on the background of media reports that Chiwenga is expected in the country in a few days political analyst Shephard Dube said, “I have read many predictions that say Chiwenga’s highly anticipated return from China will shake the powers in Harare and I have laughed at them. General Chiwenga has been out of the political scene for long enough to be detached from any serious political plotting against his current Boss.

“If anything Chiwenga will come home take a rest and await to fully recover and start attending the monthly cleanup campaigns as has been his nature. For those who have an insatiable appetite for a coup they must know that nothing of sorts will happen and they must be alive to that reality. Chiwenga’s allies were exiled to become ambassadors during his absence so all the command he had in the army has fizzled into nothingness and he now exists as a former army boss who derives respect from that former position.”

Dube added that only ZANU PF can implode itself if it is to be removed from power.

“Those wishing for the repeat of the November 2017 drama must only pray that the government implodes through a mass uprising arising from the suffering masses who are find life difficult and unbearable otherwise they must forget, this is just another November full of increasing prices and squashed protests that is all.”