Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has credited President Emmerson Mnangagwa with the liberation of Zimbabwe, adding that he deserves another five years.

Speaking during the ongoing ruling party’s national congress this afternoon, Chiwenga said Mnangagwa understood that the only language the whites would respond to was waging a war.

“The President was courageous to free his country. He underwent military training in Egypt and China.

“He knew war was the only language the settlers understood. He carried out many operations during the war including the bombing of a locomotive in the now Masvingo,” he said.

In a move that many would view as an acceptance to defeat, Chiwenga declared that Mnangagwa deserves another five more years.

“The miraculous transformation brought about by the President will guarantee us to win resoundingly in the 2023 elections.

“Let is give him another 5 years. We wish many more years for our leader and that God grants him more wisdom. His works have surpassed our expectations,” he said.

He said though the congress was supposed to be an elective one, the people have already endorsed Mnangagwa.

“While this congress was supposed to be an Elective Congress the Party through it’s structures has already clearly and thunderously endorsed Mnangagwa as the sole candidate for the ruling party in the coming elections.

“People have spoken let their will be obeyed so that the President can take us to the future we envision. He is the only leader we know. He deserves another opportunity to lead us, he has everything needed to lead us.”

Meanwhile, Chiwenga was thought to be plotting Mnangagwa’s downfall at the congress as factionalism took center stage.

The rumour mill had been grinding that Mnangagwa entered into a pact with Chiwenga, in which he was to serve one term and hand over power to the former army general.

Chiwenga put his neck on the block when he led a military coup that toppled late former Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe in 2017.

He then invited Mnangagwa who had fled the country as a civilian face to come back and take the throne.