The woman who allegedly killed her four children in Highview Suburb in Chivhu today before setting the house on fire has been identified as Emilda Marazani (29).

Reliable information gathered by The Mirror shows that Marazani killed her children to fix her husband who is allegedly in s*xual relationship with a 19-year-old girl identified as Chelsea Bepete.

The husband, Lameck Brande is a businessman with a shop in the small town while Chelsea is a daughter of a taxi driver.

The Mirror understands that at around midday, Marazani took her children into a room at the family house. She tied their legs together with ropes and took out a knife and cut off their heads one after another. A neighbour who had the children screaming thought that she was disciplining them for some errand behavior.

After killing her children, the woman terminated her pregnancy before setting the house on fire.

The children who were killed are Amanda (9), Yolander (5), Ayender (3) and Galender (1). Marazani is admitted at Chivhu General Hospital.

Picture credit: Online