CHINHOYI: ZESA boss Christopher Mundembe who hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons after bedding an MSU attachment student and sexually harassing another who said NO to him has been jailed 10 months.

Chinhoyi Magistrate Mrs Christine Nyandoro slapped the sex pervert with a 10 months jail term before suspending four on condition that he does not perform a similar offence within five years.

Magistrate Nyandoro further suspended the remaining six months for 210 hours of community service.

She said the sentence should serve as a stern warning to fellow abusers.

It is in the state case that on March 8, 2019 at around lunch time Mundembe a ZETDC Northern Region Human Resources Manager invited a student on attachment to his office over the phone and upon arrival Mundembe then asked the girl to hug him and she refused.

Mundembe then allegedly stood and fondled the girl’s breasts and buttocks once.

The girl then left and told a human resources clerk identified as Mutaurwa with whom she also shares office.

Mutaurwa then forwarded the matter to an official responsible for handling gender issues at the company.

When complainant discovered that the case was not being addressed she reported the matter to the police leading to arrest of Mundembe.

Leaked images and conversations from Mundembe’s phone reveal that he also tricked another MSU attachment student Tsakani Chauke who accepted his advances and had her bedroom action images with the disgraced ZESA boss leaked on Zimbabwe Whatsapp groups.

Patson Chirambwi prosecuted.