The Amalgamated Mine Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (Amuz) has come out guns blazing at Chinese investors who are allegedly beating up workers.

Giving his solidarity message during the 47th edition of the Kamandama Mine disaster commemorations last Thursday, Amuz president Mr Tinago Ruzive said some Chinese investors in the country not only disregard national laws on basic labour practice but also beat up employees and fail to give them pay slips

“They make workers work long hours without overtime, at times they beat up workers and they do not provide the necessary personal protective equipment. We are appealing to Government to whip into line these investors to follow the rules and regulations of this country in whatever sector they invest in,” said Mr Ruzive.

“We have Statutory Instruments 152 of 1990 and the Labour Relations Act Chapter 28.01, which should guide all investors in the mining industry.”

“For one to be granted a work permit he or she must possess a special skill that locals do not have but we have Chinese pushing wheelbarrows here at Hwange Power Station, surely is that a special skill? Government must investigate this anomaly and address it urgently. Yes, we need investors but they must not be at the expense of our own people,” said the official who requested anonymity.

-State Media