A man from Gutu recently went on a rampage and assaulted his wife after learning that she got pregnant without his permission, New Zimbabwe has reported.

John Mubaiwa (42) from Mufutirwa village under Chief Makore in Gutu was so furious that his wife, Vimbai Nyamande (43), had fallen pregnant without consulting him that he assaulted her using a belt.

Appearing before Masvingo Magistrate Victor Mohamadi, Mubaiwa pleaded guilty to the charge of domestic violence. In mitigation, he told the court,

I did not expect my wife to have another child at this stage, we are failing to make ends meet with the two children we already have. At least she could have consulted me first before she became pregnant.

Magistrate Mohamadi sentenced Mubaiwa to 20 days in prison. However, he was given the option of paying a fine of $150 in order to avoid the prison time.