A Chinese businessman is trouble after shooting and injuring employees following a salary dispute. The incident happened in Gweru and ZCTU has called for appropriate action to be taken against the rogue employer.

The two men are lucky to be alive after they were allegedly shot by their Chinese employer over a salary dispute.

MDC Alliance deputy spokesperson in the Youth Assembly, Womberai Nhende, posted about the incident on Twitter saying no arrests had been made yet.

A Chinese national has shot and injured two natives in Gweru over a salary dispute. And no arrest has been made.

It’s not yet clear when the incident took place, however  ZCTU has taken to Twitter to demand justice for the workers.

The government has sold the country to China. Now the Chinese do as they pleased & ill-treat Zimbabwean workers in our own country because they know we have no protection from the government. The liberators have turned our good country into a predator state. #justiceforworkers

Gweru Man Shot

There have been several reports of Chinese run businesses in the country abusing workers by unfair labor practices.

The violations of labor practices include long and unpaid hours for employees, paltry salaries, assault of workers by their employers, unsanitary health conditions on working premises.

Independent Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa once  accused  Chinese business for unfair labor practices.

They don’t comply with our labor laws. They are causing environmental degradation, they are violating human rights, and are involved in corruption. If Chinese investment is so good for Zimbabwe, why is the Zimbabwean economy still struggling?” said Mliswa, at the time