Legendary Chimurenga musician Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo’s fans have organised a bash to be held at Mushandirapamwe Hotel in Highfield on July 2 to celebrate the music icon’s 78th birthday.

Mukanya is retiring from music and recently held what is believed to be his last show in the USA where is based.

Apparently, former Editor of The Herald, Ceaser Zvayi has said it would have been more meaningful if Zimbabwe’s renowned international musician, Thomas Mukanya Mapfumo had held his last show in Mbare, Harare, where he began his career.

Mapfumo who now resides in the United States, held one of his final performances in Leicester in the United Kingdom on June 24, 2023. In tweets that were seen by a local online publication, Zvayi said Mapfumo’s music would have a stronger impact on Zimbabweans living in the country.

He said: “I understand Thomas Mapfumo’s swansong was on June 24 in the UK before a largely Caucasian audience. There are two things wrong with his decision to retire in Albion. Firstly, he cut his music teeth in Mbare, wouldn’t Stodart Hall or Rufaro have been better statements?

“Secondly his genre Chimurenga does it connect more with Mr Brown or VaChigwenhere? I grew up on his music, as did many others here in Zim. I do not buy stories of his alleged persecution here that saw him fail to bury even his ride or die, Lancelot. Horomba yarasika iyi!”

Thomas Mapfumo, (born 1945, Marondera, Southern Rhodesia [now in Zimbabwe]), Zimbabwean musician and composer who propelled Zimbabwe toward independence in the 1970s through his cultivation of chimurenga—a local genre of politically charged popular music.

Mapfumo also was instrumental in introducing the West to the traditional music of Zimbabwe through his involvement in the world music movement.