ZwNews Chief Correspondent

The Movement for Democratic Change- Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has added his voice on the busing of children to attend political rallies, saying they shouldn’t be coerced in doing so.

His comments come after there has been a heated debate on social media over the issue.

Since former president Robert Mugabe’s time, school children have been seen gracing national occasions like Heroes and Independence Day celebrations.

This was premised on the idea of catching them young with intent to acclimatise them with the history of their beloved nation, a sense of belonging and promote patriotism.

While most of these national events happen to fall on schools holidays, hence not affecting their class time, it has however since become a norm for political parties, especially ZANU PF to bus school children to its rallies during lessons.

Meanwhile, Chamisa says it is wrong to bus children to political rallies.

“Children mustn’t be forced to attend political rallies. We join the world to honour children this day of the African Child. Our SMART pledge leaves to child behind, especially in education and all essential services,” says Chamisa.  

Seasoned journalist Hope Chin’ono also weighted in saying it is wrong to force children to attend political rallies at the expense of preparing their future through education.

Customarily, school children have been gracing national events where they would provide entertainment such as performance displays, poetry, and traditional dances or drum majorettes to the gatherings. zwnews