ZwNews Chief Correspondent

Mnangagwa’s government has come under fire after it availed the electronic voters roll Zanu-PF and the British embassy in Harare while opposition parties were asked to wait for a printed copy.

Commenting last week on the government’s attitude to free and fair elections, a renowned political analyst lambasted President Emmerson Mnangagwa (ED) for not telling the truth, when he said he has nothing to hide regarding the forthcoming elections.

Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya said lies have short legs and have a tendency of always coming out to the open when not expected.

“Mnangagwa and ZEC have been saying they have nothing to hide in the 2018 elections, yet the voters’ roll remains hidden,” he said.

He says ED has to zip his mouth and stop talking of credible elections.

Mnangagwa has been pledging his total commitment to see to it that the forthcoming elections are going to be free and fair. He had been telling different local and international foras that he was working heart out in ensuring that the elections are to be held on an even playing field.

While addressing his first rally in Mashonaland Central’s Guruve district early this year, he said he was ready to open the forthcoming polls to international scrutiny, by inviting monitors who were previously not allowed by Mugabe, claiming he has no skeleton to hide in his closet.