UK based nursing business director Chenesai Kutsirayi  in hot soup over forged certificates

A Norwich based Zimbabwean nurse, Chenesai Kutsirayi has been struck off UK nursing register after she was found to have acquired a fake qualifications from Cambridge  University in England.

Kutsirayi(36) is listed as director and manager of VENNA CARE LIMITED a nursing based business in Norwich. United Kingdom.

Her deception was discovered when authorities noticed some questionable fonts on her Cambridge Nursing Exam certificate.

She also faked her Zimbabwean qualifications.

It was clear that lines were photoshoped and spaced wrongly making it a genuine  fake even to untrained eyes.

There was no school name to suggest that her high school certificate was obtained from Girls High in Harare.

Kutsirayi tried to back up her certificate with a fake letter of recommendation from her former headmistress.

Giving evidence over the phone from Zimbabwe, the headmistress told the hearing that she did not write the letter and the signature was not hers.

In fact, the fake letter had been stamped with a date before she had started her position at Girls High School Harare.

Michael Bowerman, an expert from Cambridge International Examinations, told the hearing:

“All certificates for the whole world are printed at a secure facility in Cambridge and sent by air mail.

“This is one of the things we see – is people using Photoshop,” he said.

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