Zimbabwe international footballer Knowledge Musona has been caught in gambling scandal after he admitted to authorities that he had placed bets in matches he was playing.

It is illegal for players to gamble in matches they are involved in as this gives rise to match fixing.

However, there is no evidence or reports to suggest Musona fixed any match.

Last week the Belgian ProLeague confirmed that “four or five players” were mentioned in the investigations, two of those player are Ostende striker Knowledge Musona and Waasland-Beveren goalkeeper Laurent Henkinet.

The conclusion was that the two indeed have gambled on games of their own team.

Musona reportedly admitted and notified his club of his actions and cooperated.

It is now up to the Gambling Commission to decide whether the two fined. The players could be fined while there are reports that suggest criminal charges could also be slapped.

Musona is likely to be given a financial penalty for his actions.

A number of top English and Spanish footballers have been punished in the past for similar offenses.