Chief Fortune Charumbira is set to retain his post as the Pan African Parliament president in polls set for today in South Africa.

He will go into the election on Monday (today) uncontested as he yesterday won the sole right to represent SADC in an election against a Zambian candidate, Miles Sampa.

Following meetings of the Regional Caucuses held on the 22nd March 2024, the list of candidates for the by-elections to fill vacancies in the Pan African Parliament Bureau was been finalised.

As a reminder, the positions of President, First Vice President, and Fourth Vice President of the Bureau are currently vacant following rotation within delegations, elections and unconstitutional changes of government in some African Union member states.

Consistent with the rotation principle established in June 2022 and adhering to the guidelines set by the Office of the Legal Counsel of the African Union, these vacancies will be filled, respectively, by the Southern Caucus (President), Northern Caucus (First Vice President), and Central Caucus (Fourth Vice President).

The said guidelines further stipulate, “For the nomination of the President, a region may present one candidate, and for the nomination of the Vice President, each region shall present two candidates, ensuring equal representation.”

The Pan-African Parliament will hold elections for members of the Bureau on the 25th March 2024.

Apparently, a near fight has broken out between Joseph Kalimbwe and the Zimbabwean Delegation outside the Pan African Parliament this morning.

A confrontation erupted after the Zimbabwean Delegation began taking photos of Kalimbwe against his wish.

South African Police had to step in and prevent the confrontation. Kalimbwe is the spokesperson for the Zambian campaign.