Dear Mr Hwende


As you maybe aware, His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa gracefully extended the facility for all Members of Parliament to hold Diplomatic Passports in September 2019. You may recall. conditions for use of the document were linked to the tenure of the current Parliament inclusive of you being a serving Member of Parliament of Zimbabwe.

Following your recall from Parliament, in accordance with Section in (to) of the Constitution at Zimbabwe, you are, therefore, kindly requested to submit the Diplomatic Passport to the Registrar- General’s Office and retrieve your ordinary passport in accordance with the attendant conditions attached during the issuance of the document.

Should you need any assistance in this regard, you may contact Ms. Rudo N.E Deka. Acting Principal Director-External Relations on +263712880017

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated Yours Sincerely,

KM Chokuda

Clerk Of Parliament